Don’t let understaffing slow you down. Stay on schedule and on target.

Based on our core operating principle of focusing solutions on the real-world needs of our customers, the Ricoh Staff Augmentation program supplements print teams as required to meet production goals. Today, in the face of a changing market, print service providers are finding it more valuable than ever.

Expert support is ready when you need it.

Staff Augmentation is customized to your calendar, schedule and needs. We will work with you to develop the program that’s the ideal fit for you.

Tap into Ricoh Staff Augmentation for:

  • Peak production periods
  • Staff vacations
  • Planned leaves of absence
  • Transition periods
  • New hire and continued training

What customers are saying about this service.

Ricoh’s team explained things in a way that was easy to understand, and I was able to learn from them daily. There was a combination of things that they did that made this a great experience. – Print Shop Manager, Utica City School District

Working with the Ricoh team was extremely helpful. We learned a lot about the printers and now we have so many new tools to take advantage of that we did not have before. – Manager, Massachusetts Secretary of State Print Center and Bookstore

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